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Sofia Fitas is a Portuguese Choreographer and Performance Artist based in Paris. She creates bodily audacious, visually absorbing and experimental choreographies which are regularly presented in France, Portugal as well as across Europe.

Sofia Fitas choreographic work key words are intuition, experimentation and metamorphosis. Her work focus on questioning our perception and representation of the body: by the trial run and deconstruction of the body and its movement, trying to question the individual and its identity; by manoeuvring with the disarrays of the definition of human beings, and its knock-on effect blurring or loss of the border between the real and the virtual.

Sofia highlights within her body of work the following choreographies:

Fora do Esquecimento (2000), - 1st Prize Young Artists Contest in Lisbon

Experimento 1 (2008), 1st Prize 13th International Contemporary Dance Festival of the Canaries

Que Ser? (2012), selected AEROWAVES - Priority Company

Experimento 3 - 17th Biennale de Danse du Val-de-Marne - a piece commanded by Daniel Favier, Director of La Briqueterie/ Chorégraphique Center of Val-de-Marne.

Experimento 4-Duo - Selected by Beaumarchais Association-SACD - Creation Scholarship - Paris

Sofia Fitas began to study classical ballet at the Companhia de Dança in Lisbon. She then received a scholarship to pursue her dance training at Rui Horta’s Dance School, where she became familiar with the techniques of modern and contemporary dance. She further continued her studies in London, at the London Studio Centre and at the Urdang Academy.

From 1999 to 2001, along with its integration as a dancer and choreographer in the Contemporary Dance Company of the Faculdade de Motricidade Humana, Lisbon, she completes a degree in dance. In 2004, she began a Master in Aesthetics / Philosophy related to dance, to continue the development of his artistic research and her choreographic work. These studies were deepened by a period of research in the Department of Dance at the University Paris 8 and at Centre National de la Danse in 2006.


Sofia Fitas - Choreographer / Performer / Dancer

Sébastien Jacobs - Musician / Performer / Artistic Advisor

Alessia Pinto - Dancer

Anna Tubiana - Light Designer / Technician